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Address: Woodend, Victoria 3442
Phone: +61 411 253 078
Date of Birth: 06 September, 1978

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I am a passionate Systems Engineer who has worked in a number of key situations, inclusive of a team, on my own and in a leadership role. In all instances, I have demonstrated an ability to work effectively and efficiently, assuming various tasks and responsibilities with vitality, enthusiasm and focus.

Employment History Link to heading

September 2017 - Present: Slack, Melbourne, VIC - Staff Cloud Engineer Link to heading

Slack is a collaboration hub with 12 million+ Daily Active Users

As a Cloud Engineer, I maintain and develop the tools and platforms to enable the other Engineers at Slack to operate at scale

Tools used: AWS, Google Compute, Kubernetes, Fastly, NS1, Terraform, Chef, Python

October 2013 - September 2017: MessageMedia, Melbourne, VIC - Senior Systems Engineer Link to heading

MessageMedia is Australia’s largest and most experienced business SMS provider, sending over 50 million messages each month

As a Systems Engineer, I oversaw the daily operation of the SMS gateway, providing a reliable, 24x7 service to customers. This includes an on-call support role.

  • Ensuring that all servers are fully reproducible
  • Productionise and Deploy a Greenfield project to AWS
  • Deploy, monitor and maintain services
  • Monitor metrics, and alert on them

Tools used: Python, EC2, CloudFormation, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Redshift, Route53, Kinesis, SES, SNS, SQS, Lambda, DataDog, PagerDuty, Puppet, Bitbucket, Jenkins

April 2010 - October 2013 : Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI), Melbourne, VIC - Systems Administrator Link to heading

VLSCI is a University of Melbourne and State Government funded facility to provide Supercomputing facilities to Life Science projects throughout the state.

As a Systems Administrator, I oversaw the daily operation of several Linux HPC clusters. My major achievements and detailed roles were:

Administering several large Linux clusters, including

  • A 1,088 core SGI Altix XE cluster
  • A 1,120 core and a 640 core IBM iDataplex cluster
  • A 65,536 core IBM Blue Gene/Q and a 8,196 core IBM Blue Gene/P

Administering infrastructure associated with providing services
Most service infrastructure was installed and configured at my own initiative, in response to gaps observed.

Tools used: Python, Proxmox, Galera, MariaDB, Puppet, Patchman, Icinga, Drupal, Foswiki, xCAT, Panasas, GPFS

2003 - 2012 : Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing, Melbourne, VIC - HPC Team Leader Link to heading

VPAC is a non-profit organisation which provides High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities and support to its member universities, industry, and other organisations within Victoria and Australia.

As HPC Team Leader, I oversaw the daily operation of Linux HPC clusters, both internal and off-site. I installed, and mentored others in the processes of installing scientific software for our users. I monitored the system for hardware faults, and oversaw the reporting and repairs of these. I lead a team of 4 helping them perform these tasks and other. My major achievements and detailed roles were:

  • Administering several large Linux clusters, the largest being a 760 core Opteron cluster
  • Commissioned several large Linux clusters for third parties
  • Administered databases and user file systems

In addition to the above I also performed duties focused on overseeing a team of 4.

  • Ensured daily duties are carried out and team targets are achieved
  • Provided training, mentorship and new direction to staff
  • Ensured the efficient and timely delivery of information between business units and third party business partners
  • Developed efficient strategies to meet company objectives

Tools used: Python, Recluse, Torque, Moab, RT, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SVN, Apple Xserve RAID, IBM FAStT

2000 - 2003 (Full time) / 2003 - 2008 (Part time) : ToggleText, Sandringham, VIC - Systems Administrator and Programmer Link to heading

ToggleText is a Translation and Linguistics company, specialising in translation of Asian languages, and Machine Language Translation (Creation of software for translating text between different languages).

As Systems Administrator, I oversaw a network of mostly Linux desktops and servers, local and remote, for the use of a small team of programmers. I commissioned a web presence for the company, including online translation services. As Programmer, I wrote C code to interface with the Prolog linguistic code of the translation system. My major achievements and detailed roles were:

  • Created user interfaces to a machine language translation system
  • Administered a mid size network of RedHat Linux workstations and servers
  • Administered a small size network of Windows 2000 workstations

Tools used: C, GTK, Guile, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Postgresql, Prolog, Autoconf/Automake, GDB, Aegis

1998-1999 : Western Power, Naval Base, WA - Thesis Work Link to heading

Western Power is Western Australia’s Home and Commercial Electricity Provider

Designed and installed an alarm filtering system for the Power Station. Gained experience working and programming under VAX/VMS and OS/2.

Education History Link to heading

Conference Talks Link to heading

Training / Tutorial Attendance Link to heading

  • ‘Systems Operation on AWS’, 2014
  • ‘Functional Programming Principles in Scala’, 2014
  • ‘Whamcloud Lustre Installation and Administration’, 2012
  • ‘AU310 - GPFS System Administration’, IBM 2010
  • ‘Introduction to Multicore Performance’, LCI 2009
  • ‘Introduction to CUDA’, LCI 2009
  • ‘Tuning for performance: A case study applied to Open MPI’, LCI 2008
  • ‘Parallel Performance Evaluation Tools for HPC Systems: TAU, PAPI, KOJAK and Vampir’, LCI 2007
  • ‘Exploration of Parallel File Systems at NCSA’, LCI 2007
  • ‘Advanced Cluster and Grid Management with Moab Cluster Suite’, LCI 2006
  • ‘HPC and MPI:Open MPI Tuning’, LCI 2006

July 2000: Graduated from Murdoch University, School of Engineering, with a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) and a Minor in Energy Studies.

1995: Graduated from Northam Senior High Northam, WA, as Dux of school, with awards in Physics and Calculus.

Contributions to Open Source projects in spare time: Link to heading

  • Linux Kernel - Upgraded qlogicfas PCMCIA SCSI card to use new block I/O layer and new SCSI layer
  • Uptimed - Added autoconf/automake/getopt support, other bug fixes. RPM Maintainer
  • Hotkeys - Added Logitech iTouch support. Added onscreen display, using xosd
  • LinuxFromScratch - Tested and reported bugs concerned with this source based distribution. Gained in depth knowledge of how a Linux system is built from the ground up, and how the packages interact.
  • GNU Nano, Libhtmlparse, Acidlaunch - RPM Packaging
  • Xmlindent, Psi, Logjam - Various patches

Interests Link to heading

  • I enjoy performing and listening to music, as well as reading, jogging, and craft beer.
  • I’m an active member of the Linux Users of Victoria

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